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We discover a city through fortuitous encounters with its spaces, gradually layering newly perceived images on top of memories. But unlike a metaphor of memory, where newest impressions of a space, or of an object, would coexist with a fading remembrance of its previous impres-sions, the city is different: buildings that are consecutive in history can-not coexist in the same space. Slow change occurs, minor interventions improve major disturbances, or become replaced for another trial.

Instead of a futile attempt to ape the medieval city formally, or to superimpose an abstract modernist grid on the project area, we propose to link the urban and natural poles of the site through an artificial topography, and thus introducing the scale of landscape urbanism. This topography incorporates two major qualities: it negotiates the influence of surrounding elements by creating a geometrical force field, and it shows the potential of programmatic adaptation and redistribution by providing an abstract system of gradient subdivisions.

The deformed grid permits various occupations of its meshes. They can be left abandoned, rented out, cultivated, developed or scraped again. It is in fact an adaptive checkerboard for the opening of Trenčín's urban game, to which our project provides the rules. Its inhabitants can thus create a diverse but enticing river-front.

2014. With Kika Rypáková, Mark Balzar and Zeynep Aksoz.

Images, Text © Peter Stec, 2013

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