The building aims to showcase water as an element and a topic. The project consists of a renovated pumping station with an interactive 3-D cave and presentation spaces, extended with a new wing containing the interactive gallery.


The extension demonstrates the water cycle as its structure. Its inverted pitch roof funnels the rainwater to transparent volumes located inside the gallery. Various types of wet, cloudy environments can be generated there, before the water flows out, passing through various steps showcasing its cleaning and recycling. The stream crosses the building and out to the surrounding landscape, structuring the approach of visitors alongside.

Mobile walls

Mobile walls articulate and alter the movement of visitors, creating interactive spaces adjusting in time. The exposition projected onto them and to the floor show the effect of global warming on the water cycle, but also the appearance of water on a cosmic scale and its role in the history of civilizations. Various experiments and a water bar complement the experience.

Interior environments