The landscape is a projection of the original moat over an existing highway dividing central Bratislava. It connects the Old Town with the Castle Hill through a green plane extending along the ramparts. With an area of ​​almost 0.5 ha, a central recreation zone with over 3700 m2 of greenery closes the loop of public spaces that gradually replaced the fortification system.

On a composite structure, a gently undulating topography refers to the original wild vegetation of a fictitious moat ecosystem. Level differences enable the planting of multi-stem trees surrounded by perennials and meadows. A meandering walk connects the lawns and vegetation with a program of playgrounds, workouts, sundecks and picnic areas. The periphery of the park presents lofty views towards the Danube and a close interaction with the fortification walls. The project is a joint venture (Stec, Studený, Wagner, Závodný).

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