A traffic remodeling bundles car and bike lanes on one side of the square, partially redirecting the flow of vehicles. It allows the textured paving of the pedestrian area to unify the entire square delimited by arcades on its parallel edges. Local environments become malleable thanks to a grid of trees and greenery that alternate with multifunctional poles providing lighting, connectivity, mist cooling and other amenities. The topography of this surface with a gradient of gaps channels water towards rain gardens, forming green pixels with vegetation. Parking is shifted towards the adjacent Trencianska street.

PlaceDulovo Sq., Bratislava, Slovakia
ClientMetropolitan Institute of Bratislava
StagesCompetition, 2021; ID, SD 2021-2022
ProgramLandscape, urbanism
PartnersPeter Stec Studio, studený architekti, Terra Florida, AK Závodný
TeamPeter Stec, Ján Studený, Antonín Wagner, Ľubo Závodný, Alena Tundérová
Renderingidealarch, Tomáš Amtmann