Urban Park, Bratislava

Competition 2022, Schematic Design 2022. Joint venture with studený architekti, Terra Florida, AK Závodný

The landscape is a projection of the original moat over an existing highway dividing central Bratislava. It connects the Old Town with the Castle Hill through a green plane extending along the ramparts. With an area of ​​almost 0.5 ha, a central recreation zone with over 3700 m2 of greenery closes the loop of public spaces that emerged on the site of former the fortifications.

Park Situation
Urban Park in Bratislava

On a composite structure, a gently undulating topography refers to the original wild vegetation of a fictitious moat ecosystem. Level differences enable the planting of multi-stem trees surrounded by perennials and meadows. A meandering walk connects the lawns and vegetation with a program of playgrounds, workouts, sundecks and picnic areas. The periphery of the park presents lofty views towards the Danube and a close interaction with the fortification walls.

Rendering from Židovská St.
PlaceBratislava, Slovakia
ClientBratislava Municipality
StagesCompetition 2022
Schematic design 2022
Joint Venturestudený architekti, Peter Stec Studio, Terra Florida, AK Ľubomír Závodný
PartnersJán Studený, Peter Stec
TeamMaroš Bátora, Alena Tundérová, Júlia Kolláthová
EngineeringINFOS PROJEKT s.r.o. – Ing. Oldřich Skyba
Rampart at Dusk