Off the Ground, Dukla

Dukla Sports Complex, Pardubice, Czech Repubic Competition 2016, Schematic Design 2017-18, Design Documentation 2019. Collab with studený architekti. The Sport Link provides a focal point and image for Dukla. It connects all sports and includes common programs and activities in its 2 parallel bars. By cutting into the athletic stadium, it extends the elevated topography of […]

Panda Pavilion, Prague

ZOO Prague, Czech Republic Competition, 2017. In collab with studený architekti. The panda pavilion presents the animals in an ecosystem referencing the slopes of central China. It adds a protected slice of bamboo and water streams to the ZOO’s diverse mosaic of environmental samples. The thick vegetation, inconspicuous fencing and topography separate the animals from […]

Leaf Campus, Vistuk

Central European Leadership Academy, Vištuk, Slovakia Competition and Masterplan, 2014. In collab with soma ZTGMBH. The Field The master plan of the Centro European Leadership Academy projects the landscape at the site in Vištuk to define new spaces for the boarding school by keeping the principal quality of the original field: generous open space. We […]

Play History, Trencin

City on the River, Trenčín Competition, 2014. Project licensed to municipality. In collab with Kika Rypáková, Mark Balzar and Zeynep Aksoz. We discover a city through fortuitous encounters with its spaces, gradu- ally layering newly perceived images on top of memories. But unlike a metaphor of memory, where newest impressions of a space, or of […]

Orchard Avenues, Turku

Turku Kaarninko, Finand Competition, 2011. 2nd Prize, in collab with Mark Balzar. Landscape has had a traditionally immense influence on Finland’s architecture. The expanse of the land and the low density of settlement make the variations of this connection seem inexhaustible. Architectural surveys such as “Build Landscape” attest it (in this case directly through the […]

Urbanism Gone Wild, Ostrava

Ostrava Back Meadow International competition, 3rd prize, 2010. In collab with Brian Tabolt and Jimmy Lowder While culture is often described as a product, we are interested in the definition of culture as a process, in the relationship with cultivation – to grow that which is desired while gradually removing that which is not desired. Culture, in […]