ZOO Prague, Czech Republic

Competition, 2017. In collab with studený architekti.

The panda pavilion presents the animals in an ecosystem referencing the slopes of central China. It adds a protected slice of bamboo and water streams to the ZOO’s diverse mosaic of environmental samples. The thick vegetation, inconspicuous fencing and topography separate the animals from the visitors, and from each other if needed.

Panda pavilion Rooftop View

The pavilion provides optimal sights towards the central area and internal courts. Visitors can walk around the oval pavilion to access the entrance, restaurant and outdoor areas exhibiting langurs. The roof of the pavilion reflects the site topography and touches ground in two areas, where visitors can switch to the roof sightseeing circuit.

The building leverages its central location by elegantly completing the ridge line seen from afar. It welcomes visitors from the nearby main entrance on a generous public space that links the various visitor circuits.

PlacePrague, Czech Republic
ClientPrague Zoo
StagesCompetition, 2017
Prizes3rd prize (2nd rank)
Collabstudený architekti, LABAK
PartnersJán Studený, Peter Stec, Maroš Bátora
TeamFilip Kusák, Eva Kvassayová, Ján Malík 
Gabriela Smetanová, Lukáš Lečko,
Vanda Výbohová, Nora Žaludeková 
Panda pavilion Plan